Sandco Performance showcases top end prototype nutritional technologies of functionally unique proprietary products researched and developed for commercialization in the areas of sports supplements, sports nutrition, bodybuilding, energy, weight loss, anti-aging, wellness and cosmetics which may be marketed without prior Food and Drug Administration (“FDA”) approval under current regulatory guidelines. 


Sandco Perfomance is a company dedicated to the research, development and marketing of high quality sports nutrition products, training protocols, and health educational services to individuals interested in a healthy life-style and participatory sports. Founded in 1983, originally as a sport research and development corporation, Sandco Performance has channeled over 26 years of nutritional and physiological research into marketable nutraceuticals and ergogenic aids used by everyone from professional athletes to weekend warriors.


Our commitment to excellence has lead Sandco Performance to become one of the front runners in the research and development of sports performance products and drug testing. Always a pioneer in new fitness technologies, Sandco Performance started doing cardiovascular fitness and rehabilitation research in conjunction with the University of Alabama in Birmingham, School of Medicine. It was there the first marketable Sandco Performance product was created, the nation's first computerized Personal Exercise Program (PEP), for use by physicians.Sandco Performance has specialized in creating effective training programs for professional, collegiate, high school, U.S. and foreign Olympic athletes. As a result of our ongoing commitment to excellence, in January 1995, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Solidarity recognized Sandco Performance as an official training center to send third world Olympic athletes to be coached, trained, and housed in preparation for 2000 Summer Olympics Games in Sydney, Australia.Sandco Performance continues to serve the sports and athletic world as a one stop place for athletes, coaches, trainers, and managers to turn to for answers to their nutrition, supplement, and training needs. We provide all the nutritional support and training information athletes, coaches, and trainers need on the scientific and biomedical approaches to sports.


We provide drug abuse educational services and our laboratories are certified or licensed to perform drug testing by NIDA, CAP, DHHS, DOT as well as perform IOC, USOC and NCAA drug testing protocols.Our commitment to research is always expanding. At present we are involved with research in many areas, including work on chronic fatigue syndrome, prostaglandin and eicosanoids, blood glucose glycemic responses to foods, thermogenesis, and the retardation of inflammation processes. Sandco Performance's products displayed are a result of our ongoing research commitment.


Well respected in the research field, we even provide research and development for physicians and other companies. Through years of hard work, discipline, and dedication, we have become a leader in the field of sports science technology. At Sandco Performance, we are committed to making available the new technologies and scientific advances needed for athletes to set the example of excellence the natural and safe way.