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7 tips for staying on track through the weekend:

1. Set an alarm: get yourself up and out of bed, get your workout in at the start of your day!

2. Write down a plan keep your to do list and check it off, make a menu, do your food shopping and, make time for meal prep on Sunday.

3. Reward yourself all your hard work and dedication deserves a carrot; a delicious meal or time to catch on your favorite Netflix series.

4. Good playlist Music makes a workout 1,000x better. Listen to a playlist that gets you amped!

5. Buddy system workouts do not have to be boring, invite a friend to join you at the gym or take it outdoors for a hike!

6. Meal Plan The weekends no longer have to be a perilous part of your diet plan, have an idea for the meals you’re going to be making or enjoying.

7. Rest, make sure you’re getting enough sleep, when the body is transforming it needs lots of rest! Enjoy some rest and relaxation.

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