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Sandco Performance: Quality Over Everything Since 1996

People are getting burned, burnt out, and turned off from pushing forward by poor-quality supplements. We know it's hard to find quality supplements that offer more than hype. You need to be able to trust your body to a company that prioritizes clinically studied formulas for performance, energy, and muscle building.

“We saw what was going on out there in the world of supplements. That's why we prioritize a product lineup that's a beacon of health in an industry of hype.”

Let Us Reintroduce Ourselves

You may know Sandco Performance as the creator of the computerized Personal Exercise Program (PEP) used by physicians. In addition, Sandco Performance elite training service was recognized as an official partner for Olympic coaching, training, and housing in preparation for the 1996 Summer Olympics Games in Atlanta and the 2000 Summer Olympics Games in Sydney, Australia.

We started as a sports research and development corporation 35 years ago. We made our bones working with professional, collegiate, high school, and Olympic athletes. We've used our decades of nutritional and physiological research to create the best nutraceuticals and ergogenic products for everyone from elite athletes to suburban powerhouses.

We're now ready to make your muscles with our line of industry-disrupting nutrition for athletes and sports supplements built on 35 years of developing scientific and biomedical approaches for the world's most elite athletes.

We Don't Do It Like the Other Supplement Companies

Other supplement and sports nutrition companies start with marketing concepts before designing their products. At Sandco, every product we bring to the market is created based on our science-driven approach to fueling your body for peak performance without harm. That means our real-world experience, superior lab testing, and understanding of biochemical needs are coming with you to every workout.

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